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Web design, web development – word play ?

Web designers are responsible for the aesthetics of a website, the logic, the look and feel, the artistic expression of communication. Web developers on the other hand are concerned with the mechanics of a website, the 'server-side of things', the design programmed into strategic functionality. These two, designers and developers, often live on different sides of the “webiverse” and speak in different tongues - which is where I come into play.

Having been in both roles throughout my career I witnessed more than once teams talking and working over and past each other, in a very unproductive and frustrating process. I close this gap, and act as mediator and translator. I make sure production dynamics remain efficient, and everyone in your project team is on the same page and is working towards the same goal – producing the best possible online solution for your business.

If you have a web project to manage, contact me and we'll find out what we can do together.